The MoTeC PDM 30 is used to manage all RiskyRacing's electrical devices
Race average speed  & time is calculated & displayed. The dash controls the automatic trim of the engine with a set trim postion & a trim resume button. The engine trim postion is displayed using the bar graph at the top of the screen.
A variety of graphs displaying engine thrust, boat speed, engine speed, proppeller slipage & engine trim angle are very helpful in the setting up of the boat.
Rev limiters are reset, Compensation for air pressure & temp tables are set. Plus much more.
MoTeC CDI provides a strong and reliable spark for the premixed two stroke V6 engine.
Race smart
The MoTeC i2 data analyse software is used by Risky Racing to examine the engines performance. Air/fuel graphs are used to fine tune the fuel mixture.
The MoTeC ADL3 dash logs all the Risky Racing engine varibles ( Lamba, exhuast temp, head temps, water temp & pressure plus a lot more) , speed, GPS postion, engine thrust, engine trim postion.
The MoTeC M800 ECU gives Risky Racing the ability to fully adjust all engine parameters. After engine modifications the fuel mixture can be changed, ignition timing altered.
MoTeC SKM Duel sensor, individual cylinder knock control protects RiskyRace
engines from detonation.